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Abundance or Scarcity – Enough for All or Not Enough for Me?

How fulfilled you are in all aspects of your work and life may depend on which ‘camp’ you live in: Abundance or Scarcity. When you cut through the political labels, stereotypes and assumptions, most people are divided into two distinct camps: those who subscribe to the abundance theory, and those who subscribe to the scarcity […]

Leadership and Resistance to Change

Managing resistance to change is often the black hole of leadership. Is there a leadership challenge that sucks more time and energy, that creates more apprehension, animosity and disengagement – on both sides of the table? In fact, it is often ‘resistance to the resistance’ that escalates tension and creates more barriers. It’s human nature. […]

“We are what we repeatedly do”

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle Read the book “Talent is Overrated” for a scientific journey through the primary difference between top performers and average performers in any field – sports, business, the arts. It’s not intellect, physical characteristics, charisma or education. It is […]

Visionary Leadership ‘Misfires and Brushfires’™

Innovators and Entrepreneurs—can’t live with ‘em . . . The rewards of working with a visionary leader are sometimes matched by the level of frustration. Visionary leaders, including many entrepreneurs, are typically innovative and creative. Visionaries see their vision so clearly that it almost seems that they can hold it in their hands. Therefore, they […]