Archive | September, 2013

Performance Feedback – or a Root Canal?

What’s the difference between performance feedback and a root canal? Answer: Anesthesia! Why would so many leaders rather have a root canal than provide performance feedback? Why do feedback recipients often experience the feedback process as a meaningless exercise, and report that that they rarely if ever get any helpful feedback that contributes to their […]

The Power of Planning

A client recently asked me why I’m such a firm believer in the power of planning. He also challenged me to tell him why planning is not a waste of time, since the increasing pace of change makes any plan obsolete in a matter of months – maybe even weeks. I’ll admit to being a […]

Are You Igniting Resistance?

The best leaders lead with both their heads and their hearts. In times of change, leaders who lead primarily with their heads often show impatience and frustration when others don’t seem to be on board, and when they don’t move forward at the expected pace. A leader who doesn’t connect with and inspire others actually […]

The Innovator – Implementer Communication Gap

Engaging entrepreneurial[i] innovators in a discussion about creative personality characteristics is fascinating and high-energy.  This is in part because at their extreme, those characteristics can be confounding to the people in their lives who are not similarly ‘wired’…frequently leading to mystified colleagues and implementation failures. Colleagues often don’t ‘get’ the innovator, and in extreme cases, […]