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In the Spirit of the Season . . .

Dear Clients, Friends and Colleagues, In celebration of the season of giving, we proudly continue, for the 8th year, our annual tradition of a charitable contribution to fight hunger– in your honor and in lieu of individual cards or gifts. And now a shameless plug for our holiday charity of choice: If you are considering […]

12 Simple Steps to Kill Innovation

    1. Hire innovative talent 2. Expect innovators to fit into rigid rules about cultural norms 3.  Allow gossip about small perceived differences to run rampant 4. Listen to people who demonize the innovator for not fitting into the mold 5. Become annoyed that the innovator can’t seem to confirm 6. Place more emphasis […]

Entrepreneurs – sharing too many great ideas?

Innovators and entrepreneurs can generate a slate of new ideas daily! Sharing them with the team is an exhilarating experience – usually meant to energize and generate buy-in and feedback. The problem is that without a clear direction and priorities, those great ideas drift in the air like balloons. Some people interpret them as something […]

Talent Acquisition part 3 – Consistent Execution

Parts 1 and 2 of this series spoke to the strategy and business skills necessary to ace Talent Acquisition – a business process that is critical to the long-term success of every enterprise. Even with a good strategy, talent and tactics, an underlying infrastructure is necessary to support the myriad of activities that make up […]

Talent Acquisition part 2 – Business Skills

  The first article in this series – Talent Acquisition –Business Strategy – began with the premise that “Talent Acquisition is a critical business competency which needs to be prioritized and organized the same way you would organize a strategic business unit that is critical to the long-term success of the enterprise. In other words, […]

Talent Acquisition – part 1 – Business Strategy

Strategy The primary reason recruiting is still broken in many organizations is that it is rarely approached as a long-term, strategic, mission-critical endeavor. Stay with me a minute because what comes next may stretch your credulity. Talent acquisition needs to be prioritized and organized the same way you would organize a strategic business unit that […]

Adrift in a tsunami of meetings?

  In the U.S., meetings waste an estimated $37 billion dollars of productivity annually. [A healthy percentage of whatever’s left is spent on initiatives to ‘engage’ employees….many of whom may have become disengaged by a tsunami of meetings with no distinct purpose and few measurable outcomes.] In a recent Forbes survey, 85% of senior executives […]

2014 – the year of Hope!

We declare 2014 the year of Hope! No one can deny that there is much to worry about in the world and in our own microcosms – family, work, community. When we read or watch most news accounts, we surround ourselves with a toxic cloud of negative emotions – worries, fears and anxieties. Is it […]