About The Stage®

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 The strategic business philosophy that guides our work:

”The most that any organization can give you is a stage.

The singing you do yourself.”

– the late Francis S. Dammers, co-founder and officer of Hunter Douglas,Inc.

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“The most that any organization can give you is a stage. The singing you do yourself.”® is a metaphor for the critical and complex balance between the responsibility of the organization and its leadership – and individual accountability for performance and outcomes.

90% of success is execution and only a small percentage of the best strategies are sustainably implemented. We advise and collaborate with executives and entrepreneurs to build The Stage® to transform strategy and talk into accountability and action. The Stage® includes leadership and talent management capabilities, clarity about performance expectations, and an accountable culture – the platform for individuals and teams to do their best ‘singing’.

Sustainable performance depends on the ability to operationalize in order to consistently execute…to acquire, engage, retain and focus the right talent on high value activities – with accountability, consistent quality and predictable, sustainable results.

What will change when your team – at all levels – is:

  • able to ‘connect the dots’ between success > strategy > team performance > and individual accountability?
  • clear about strategic goals, key performance indicators, critical success factors
  • more accountable and collaborative, with better critical thinking capabilities?
  • more trusting, committed and engaged because they understand the business needs and priorities, and they contribute to developing and improving implementation and learning processes?

We work with you to build ‘The Stage’ to support sustainable performance and consistent high quality implementation:

Performance Leadership that’s Meaningful and Actionable!

  • Performance Feedback, Development and Coaching Processes, Coaching and Tools.
  • Support Sustainable Performance and Quality Results- Connect Strategy and Talent to Integrated Processes and Tools

Leadership Development, Coaching and coaching leaders to coach

  • Strategy, processes and coaching to develop coaching leaders and a coaching culture
  • Leader and Team Intervention And Conflict Management
  • Behavioral assessment, gap analysis, productive feedback, action planning

Talent Management Solutions

Talent Acquisition strategy, processes, integrated systems and tools to Consistently Acquire, Develop and Retain the Best Talent:

  • Career, professional and leadership talent
  • Consulting, interim and contract talent

Talent acquisition managed services

 90% of Success is Execution. Straightforward scale-able and interactive processes, tools, training & coaching support consistent high-quality, sustainable implementation.

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Our experience includes mid-to-large organizations in industries as diverse as healthcare, banking, insurance, manufacturing, retail, government, not-for-profit, professional services, technology, scientific.