Abundance or Scarcity – Enough for All or Not Enough for Me?

How fulfilled you are in all aspects of your work and life may depend on which ‘camp’ you live in: Abundance or Scarcity.

When you cut through the political labels, stereotypes and assumptions, most people are divided into two distinct camps: those who subscribe to the abundance theory, and those who subscribe to the scarcity theory.

It appears that which camp you live in is not a conscious decision; rather, it’s a combination of personality and life experience.

People in the Abundance camp tend to believe:

  • There’s enough of everything [love, jobs, wealth, happiness, friends, family, recognition, opportunities] for everyone.
  • It’s better to work together to create a ‘bigger pie’ because then everyone’s piece will be bigger, we will all be happier and more secure, and the world will be a better place.
  • When you win I want to celebrate with you. Your success inspires me and your joy adds to my joy [not that everyone isn’t subject to a bit of envy occasionally, but people in the abundance camp rarely feel diminished or envious when they learn of someone else’s success]
  • Most people are good-hearted, so it’s good to give them benefit of the doubt until they demonstrate that they aren’t trustworthy.

People in the Scarcity camp tend to believe:

  • When you win, I lose.
  • There’s a limited supply of everything, so if you get a bigger piece of the pie, there may not be as much left for me.
  • It isn’t fair if you get more help or support than I do, even if you started out with fewer opportunities or have a limitation
  • People who look, believe or act differently than I do are threatening
  • Most people are looking out for themselves, so it’s a smart idea to be skeptical about their motives

Since we tend to draw to us what we focus on and expect, these life expectations are worth giving thought to.

While leadership coaching is not guaranteed to change your life expectations, the self-awareness that develops as a result of examining the links between beliefs, actions, behaviors and outcomes can be the first step on the path to a more positive and fulfilling career and life.

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