Blind Spot: the wall between you and the authentic leader you aspire to be


LeapThe blind spot wall – you can’t see through it or around it until something- too often a failure or career ‘train wreck’- punches a hole in it. That something is likely to cause pain, confusion, and often anger. Many leaders with blind spots avoid this at great cost, and deny or shift the blame when it happens – at even greater cost.

Tragic – because that first peek through the wall can be the epiphany that puts your feet on the path to truly great, authentic leadership.

What is a wall for you is a window from the other side.

Those around you see what you don’t, but they will rarely risk telling you – unless you ask. Even great leaders have blind spots. The courage to ask for the gift of feedback from those around you allows the light to begin to filter through. Knowing when you need help to focus on practicing new positive behaviors is a badge of courageous leadership.

And the wall between you and the authentic, inspirational leader you aspire to be begins to crumble.


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