Zip It! The Incessant Talker at Work

What to do About Colleagues Who Talk Too Much Every group has at least one – the colleague who uses 500 words when 20 would do; who holds others captive until their eyes glaze over. An executive recently referred to this as “taking me on a journey I didn’t sign up for and don’t have […]

The First 15%

“The success of any venture depends heavily on its beginning. By focusing on the first 15%, the remaining 85% will effortlessly follow.”   –W. Edwards Deming ‘Effortlessly’ is a great exaggeration, but my experience [based on both hits and misses] says that this is as close to an immutable fact as can be served up […]

Self-Awareness: the Emotional Intelligence Portal

“To become different from what we are, we must have some awareness of what we are.” – Eric Hoffer One of the most gratifying moments in leadership coaching is the moment when a new client receives the assessment feedback with an open mind, and then slowly takes the first small but important steps that demonstrate […]

The Performance Feedback Puzzle

Imagine trying to assemble a puzzle when: The image of what the completed puzzle should look like is incomplete and hazy You get different pieces at varying times during the year, some of which don’t seem to be related to the others, or to the picture itself Major pieces are missing And the instructions are […]