Resources to support exceptional leadership, emotional intelligence, executive development and meaningful actionable feedback. Free on request for leaders and entrepreneurs. Resources include the online Executive Coaching Readiness Assessment to support decisions about investing in executive coaching. The Emotionally Intelligent Communications Guide is a brief worksheet you can use to prepare for meaningful, actionable dialogue that improves performance and relationships.

Leadership CoachingExecutive Coaching Readiness Assessment

How do you know if an executive leader, innovator or entrepreneur is coach-able? Link to our free online assessment. Objectively evaluate the probability of a positive result and return-on-investment in individual coaching and development. This brief instrument is intended to be used as one step in an evaluation process to determine whether the individual currently has the level of awareness and commitment necessary to fully participate in the coaching and development process.

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Hug an Eccentric

Time to Drive More Innovation in Your Organization?

If you’re serious about innovation, be prepared to embrace innovators – eccentricities and all.  Innovative organizations understand and accommodate the behavior traits [eccentricities?] that are often integral to highly productive innovators. Free Whitepaper  


climbersEmotionally Intelligent Communications Guide

A worksheet to prepare for meaningful, actionable dialogue that improves performance and relationships.

Free Preparation Guide


Jump_GapConnecting Vision, Innovation and Leadership

90% of strategies are never executed. Lack of clarity – about vision, strategy, objectives and expectations – is the primary reason. Clarity is essential to accountability and performance.   Free Whitepaper


Leader LightbulbExecutive Presence – How Exceptional Leaders Project Emotional Intelligence

Executive Presence is that hard-to-define, but immediately recognizable quality that makes certain leaders stand-out – often by their mere presence. It has little to do with content or technical knowledge, and it has everything to do with communications, leadership, authenticity and credibility. Free Whitepaper


Forming Storming

Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing – The Path to a High-Performing Team

A graphical depiction of the stages of team development, including typical reactions and performance challenges at each stage.  Free PDF



Communications copy

Communicating for Business Results

Want better results from your business communications – in less time? Keep the ‘receiver’ in mind. Suggested protocols for    verbal communications, email, meeting requests and voice messages for busy executives.

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