Eccentrics color outside the lines and use all the colors!

Eccentrics color outside the lines and use all the colors

Visionary entrepreneurs and innovators [eccentrics] see possibilities and patterns that few others do. Highly intelligent, intuitive and sensitive to sensory input, they collect data and store it without always being conscious of it. New information is then connected to the stored data to form a picture that develops over time.

The tendency to ‘think out loud’ about abstract ideas as they are forming sometimes confuses others, and causes them to think they are impetuous dreamers. When this happens frequently, colleagues who are more concrete may become disengaged, dismissive and sometimes highly critical.

Eccentrics often cycle through a number of connected scenarios before arriving at the transformative idea that can be successfully developed and commercialized. Balancing thinking and dreaming with listening and accepting input from others can accelerate progress.

The danger is the  possibility of discounting or even discarding their best ideas when they’re still in a formative stage – because stakeholders with strong voices and little understanding of the creative process discourage them. It takes confidence and strength of purpose  – as well as a certain amount of humility – to separate valuable input from lack of understanding or fear of risk.

Over time, successful entrepreneurs learn how to time their communications, and to bring others along one step at a time. A coach and/or mentor – preferably someone who has been successful in business and understands eccentrics – can help to accelerate learning and guide the process. That alone can be a transformative process in the early stages of an enterprise.

Interested in talking about how you can support innovation – whether you’re the eccentric entrepreneur – or a colleague or funder? Reach out for a no-obligation consultation. Connecting the dots between eccentrics and  their teams is our passion!

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