Entrepreneurs – sharing too many great ideas?

Too many great ideas = too little implementation

Innovators and entrepreneurs can generate a slate of new ideas daily! Sharing them with the team is an exhilarating experience – usually meant to energize and generate buy-in and feedback. The problem is that without a clear direction and priorities, those great ideas drift in the air like balloons. Some people interpret them as something to begin to implement; others are confused about the intent and do nothing. The result in either case is more surprises – an out-of-control feeling that plagues many entrepreneurs and often results in the belief that people ‘don’t get it’.

One solution for the entrepreneur/ innovator:

Think before sharing. The ideas may be related to your current direction or a wonderful future product idea – but unless they support current priorities, they’re likely to distract and misdirect without explicit clarity about your intent. If you do decide to share futuristic ideas, clearly communicate whether your intent is to discuss immediate or near-term implementation – or just to get people thinking about new ideas that may have value in the future. It’s a critical communication skill. Don’t ‘set them spinning’ without a purpose and clear direction.

One solution for the employee or colleague of an entrepreneur/ innovator:

ASK BEFORE YOU ACT. If the purpose is in any way unclear, ask about the intent. Is this something intended for the priority list, or an idea to mentally file for future discussion? Unless you can ‘tie the balloon string’ to an explicit near-term deliverable, don’t act without specific agreement on what, when and how. 

I realized relatively early in my days as a founding entrepreneur that vision, drive, focus and action-orientation are among the common strengths possessed by innovators and entrepreneurs who are able to begin with a vision and develop a successful product or enterprise. The downside is the corresponding lack of awareness of their behavioral ‘wiring’ and how it influences the perceptions of others – which can lead to misperceptions and even mistrust. The entrepreneur is typically blindsided by these reactions.


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