GET a Life . . . or HAVE a Life?

Work, kids, social activities – the list is always longer than the day allotted to it. And ‘resting’ is yet more activity: movies, dinner with friends, tv, cable news, social networking. How many people pay someone else to mow the lawn, clean the house, walk the dog, take the kids to the park? We pay people to do these tasks because we believe we need to continually focus on more important activities [or in some cases, because it’s expected?]

And yet, as we race from one ‘crucial’ activity to another, sleep suffers; creativity diminishes; mental sharpness and memory seem to ebb and flow [most weeks mainly ebb]. Fatigue turns to vague dissatisfaction – and eventually to full-blown depression.

Have you ever wondered why monks bake their own bread, weed their own gardens, rake their own sand?

It’s not because they need to ‘get a life’.

It’s because they understand how to ‘HAVE a Life’.

Our brains are designed to take a break from constant working, processing, grinding away. We are after all, the most miraculous and elegant machines…and all machines need frequent routine maintenance.

Maybe it’s Time for a Mental Reboot!

Just for kicks, try this: every day for a week or two, spend at least 30 minutes doing something physical but not strenuous: clean something, organize something, take a walk – with no media in the background unless it’s classical music. Instead, let your mind wander. Look out a window occasionally or breathe in fresh air if you’re walking outside. If you begin to feel anxious, change your own inner channel. Think about something pleasant and hopeful.

After a week or two – are you sleeping better? More mentally alert? Feeling more hopeful? Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step toward ‘Having a Life’!

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