Contingent Interim and Contract Staffing Strategy and Process


Bridging  Specialized  Talent Gaps

To bridge a leadership gap, access consulting expertise, add more heads and hands to accelerate a project, interim professional staffing and managed staffing provide the ultimate in flexibility and cost-control.

An effective interim professional staffing strategy

requires more robust selection, due diligence, work-scoping and management processes than traditional temporary staffing – in order to leverage specialized talent while managing risk. The investment and liability are greater, and the deliverables often more specialized and crucial.

When you’re ready to implement a flexible professional staffing strategy

that supports your business goals and budget, you can rely on our 20+ years of experience. We partner with employers and staffing specialists to develop the right flexible professional staffing strategy and link it to the processes, tools and talent you need to consistently implement.

Supplement internal staffing capabilities with a Managed Staffing Solution for large-scale or specialized staffing needs.


Our experience includes:

Development and leadership of two successful professional staffing businesses.

Talent Management consulting and implementation for both private sector and non-profit organizations in industries as diverse as manufacturing, retail, financial services and healthcare.

Managed Staffing projects for large scale and specialized staffing needs. Strategy, project management, staff selection, process and data management methods, tools and implementation support.

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Glossary of synonyms for Interim Professional

      • Temporary Manager
      • Interim Manager
      • Interim Executive
      • Contingent Staff
      • Contractor or Contract Staff
      • Freelancer
      • Project Talent
      • Flexible Staff
      • Consultant