Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching – Executive Director – Educational Institution


Widespread employee dissatisfaction and dis-engagement were driving high turnover. Corporate leadership referred facility director to coaching in order to provide an opportunity to improve emotional intelligence and performance.


Assessment, feedback and focused leadership performance coaching. Performance improvement goals included:

  • Critical thinking and decision-making capabilities
  • Ability to communicate effectively and positively in order to improve performance of direct reports
  • Ability to communicate effectively and collaboratively with peers and leadership


Over a six-month period, the client achieved significant improvement, including the ability to use a critical-thinking model to make objective decisions, to become less reactive and to maintain composure and focus when faced with difficult situations, and to communicate improvement needs to employees, while maintaining a mutually-respectful culture

Feedback from Leadership:

“Prior to your coaching, there was 90% turnover. Based on your work, a ‘system of thinking’ was developed that encouraged a more supportive and educational approach to management of staff – as opposed to the former punitive approach which had been offensive and a detriment to retention.”

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