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Coaching and Implementation Infrastructure – High Growth Marketing Communications


High-growth creative firm was emerging from start-up phase and encountering the ‘growth pains’ common to this stage of development. Creative entrepreneur/ founder recognized the need to develop strategy and infrastructure to support sustainable growth and profitability.


Provided focused coaching for business owner and management team to develop growth strategy and alignment to culture and performance expectations. Worked with leader and team to develop a talent management strategy, quality and performance standards and basic infrastructure to support consistent implementation.

Feedback from Client:

“Louie Myrick is a uniquely qualified business professional who has an unforgettable “wow” factor. I remember the first time I saw her. She was speaking to a group of Entrepreneurs. As she spoke I had so many “aha” moments. I didn’t hesitate and Louie became not only my coach but my management team’s coach. Her concrete process for assessment of individuals and finding those critical areas we needed to focus on was eye-opening. After giving us her expert diagnosis, Louie provided impressive “tools for our toolbox”. These have proven to be invaluable in business as well as life. As a coach she is a remarkable well-spring of energy, creativity and knowledge. I highly recommend her.” – President and Founder


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