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Enterprise Talent Acquisition Strategy, Process & Intranet Portal – Insurance Firm


  • Inadequate ability to recruit and retain qualified insurance reps in offices throughout U.S.
  • Owner/ operators of independent agencies needed strategy and infrastructure to consistently hire and retain sales representatives in order to meet revenue and profit goals.
  •  Requirement for integrated system to be used nationally, customized with data for local markets


  • Facilitated research and analysis to identify high potential recruiting target populations
  • Developed strategy 
  • Led cross-functional project team, including marketing, IT, HR participants, to develop process and integrated system, which was used to develop intranet portal
  •  Led research and database team to develop market-specific resources which were used to populate intranet databases.
  • Developed and tested tools such as letters, emails and scripts, customized for recruiting channels, which were integrated with intranet system

Client Feedback:

“I view Louie as a thought leader in human capital and talent acquisition. I found it incredibly rewarding to work with her on several projects that were unique and ahead of the industry. In addition to her inventive ways, she is a great business partner. I recommend her highly and would welcome additional projects and ventures.”

– Executive Client


“I had the pleasure of working with Marilou over a two-year period to deliver a number of strategic recruiting initiatives. Drawing from invaluable insight and successes in a variety of industries, she was a reality check for the project team. While never hesitating to challenge the status quo, she kept the projects grounded in principles of excellence for talent acquisition. She provided unswerving thought leadership and impeccable execution.”

– Project Team Executive/ Marketing Communications


“Louie has the ability to see creative solutions to challenges facing businesses. She is responsive and provides great advice and support. We had fun working with Louie and got great results.”

– Member of Project Team

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