Leadership Coaching

Executive Coaching – Senior Officer – Behavioral Health Non-Profit


Assessment, Goal-setting and Leadership Coaching to improve emotional intelligence and executive-level performance for Senior Officer


Assessment and Leadership Coaching Goals:

  • ability to set performance standards, get agreement on performance expectations and evaluate the performance of direct reports
  • ability to communicate effectively and positively in order to improve performance of direct reports
  • ability to confidently communicate with peers and leadership, in order to enhance leadership credibility.

Outcome is best expressed by feedback from client:

“Meeting with you was instrumental in my process of first discovering who I was as a leader and then identifying where I want to go. I actually began hearing your words as I was going through day to day operations. (That has stayed with me). A tremendous amount of self-inventory was done and then the leader in me was truly born. Now I have identified my management team; I am energized by the tasks before us with some very aggressive goals…..a great example of the trust I have in you … and that is key to why I feel your coaching has been so successful”.

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