Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching – Senior Officer – Federal Government Facility


Senior Officer promoted to a role reporting to facility CEO desired to improve leadership skills, executive-level performance and performance management


Leadership Coaching with goals to include:

  • Develop confident executive communications style, in order to maintain credibility with leadership, peers and direct reports
  • Ability to set performance standards, get agreement on performance expectations and evaluate the performance of direct reports
  • Ability to communicate effectively and positively in order to improve performance of direct reports, while maintaining a mutually respectful culture
  • Ability to manage time and prioritize in order to consistently meet high-priority deliverables to leadership

Feedback from client:

 “There were so many obvious issues that I had been unable to articulate, and so many “ah ha” moments. We did the reorganization we discussed.  The plans were instituted in the context of the bigger picture. I found each of our sessions very helpful, and was able to focus on the issues I needed to at the time.”


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