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Integrated Talent Acquisition Strategy & Process – Financial Services


A top ten financial services organization was unable to meet revenue and growth goals in retail bank branches due to high turnover and an inability to recruit and retain personal bankers to work with high net-worth clients. Lack of cross-functional collaboration; confusion and disagreement about core issues and probability of implementing a solution further complicated the situation.


Successfully designed talent acquisition strategy, plan and infrastructure and provided execution support and oversight of pilot rollout, including:

  • Internal audit, competitive market research, gap analysis
  • Conducted study to determine core competencies required of high performers, and validate turnover data
  • Developed talent acquisition strategy & plan, including proactive [building a talent pipeline] and reactive [filling an immediate need] talent sourcing methodologies.
  • In response to the need to increase diversity, developed specific community-based recruiting methods and sourcing channels
  • Developed employment branding campaign to overcome negative reputation in critical sourcing channels.
  • Developed strategy, integrated processes, sources and tools to support specialized recruiting, training and development activities.
  • Developed information management system to support pilot and become a model for integration with existing data system
  • Collaborated on development of training methods and tools


Implemented successfully across 200+ retail branches, with multiple cultures and languages. Proactive recruiting path minimizes need for reactive ‘fire drill’ recruiting, controls cost and supports acquisition and retention of qualified bankers to support revenue growth

Feedback from the Client:

“The talent acquisition model was very successful. It was crucial to resolve the turnover issue. The program is successful and we have successfully shifted ownership to the local groups where it belongs. People are looking at talent acquisition more broadly and strategically then they have in the past.”    Sr. Vice President, Top 10 Financial Services


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