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Team Conflict Intervention & Coaching – Community Hospital


In a clinical setting, the combination of the nature of the work and the behavioral diversity of the team makes for a potentially combustible culture, and conflict is often accepted until it’s out of control. The challenge is first to engage the clinical leadership team in developing a common purpose and behavioral standards, in preparation for team and individual behavior change.


Facilitated work sessions with the leadership team to develop leadership standards and a sustainable solution.

Key members of the leadership team engaged in individual coaching sessions in order to improve leadership behaviors and coaching capabilities


The leadership team agreed on leadership mission, values and standards
Significant improvements were made in:

  • Leadership behaviors and communications
  • Conflict resolution accountability and methods
  • Team and individual accountability
  • Commitment to working together to develop and sustain leadership standards and development

In addition, tools were developed to support and sustain improvements.

Feedback from key leader:

“Louie was a tremendous asset to our organization. She was consistent, insightful and above all honest! She provided our organization with expert leadership in a process that was extremely sensitive and difficult. She is, at all times, professional, trustworthy and knowledgeable. She has changed my life for the positive in many ways.”


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