Self-Awareness: the Emotional Intelligence Portal

“To become different from what we are, we must have some awareness of what we are.” – Eric Hoffer

One of the most gratifying moments in leadership coaching is the moment when a new client receives the assessment feedback with an open mind, and then slowly takes the first small but important steps that demonstrate self-awareness, a greater awareness of their impact on other people – and ultimately their enterprise.

The way a leader accepts the feedback says everything about how coach-able s/he is. It’s a very different process to coach someone who reacts to the feedback with defensiveness, blame or excuses [and sometimes the answer is that the leader is not ready – yet.] The leader who is aware that feedback is a gift, accepts it with humility and begins to understand that leadership growth depends on looking inward first and that change begins with them, is ready to step-up to the next leadership level.

It’s a gift and a great joy to guide and share the journey!

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