Doors to Performance

Sustainable Performance

90% of Success is Execution! 

  • Most business strategies fail due to the inability to operationalize and implement successfully*
  • The majority of employees confess that they don’t completely understand what they are expected to accomplish.
Consistent, sustainable implementation is rare! Are frequent challenges with people, performance and implementation diverting your focus and resources?  What will change when . . . .

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Leadership Coaching

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

– Aristotle

Leadership Performance Coaching™ focuses on essential, sustainable skills and behaviors necessary for peak performance and leadership growth.

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Talent Management

Talent Management

The ability to acquire, engage and retain the best available talent is THE critical success factor for every organization 

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Businessman Wearing Individualistic Socks Between Two of His Colleagues

Hug An Eccentric®

“The greatest strengths of innovators, entrepreneurs and visionary leaders can support inspired leadership and meteoric success.

When taken to an extreme, these same strengths can derail a career – or a company.”

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Develop Sustainable Leadership And Talent Management Capabilities:

  • Building The Stage® to support sustainable performance and quality outcomes. Develop the ability to consistently acquire, develop and retain the best available talent. Talent management solutions connect strategy and talent to integrated processes, systems and tools.
  • Performance Feedback Coaching and Tools. Developing Coaching Leadership and Culture
  • Leader and Team Intervention/ Conflict Management
  • Assessment – pre-hire, promotion, succession, development, pre-coaching

Performance consulting, coaching and intervention to improve:

  • Accountability & productivity
  • Emotional intelligence and executive presence
  • Team alignment, performance and conflict resolution
  • Authentic and open feedback and goal-setting for results
  • Effective leadership communications
  • Critical thinking & problem- solving skills
  • Assessment and intervention for dysfunctional individual and team behaviors
  • Leadership behavior change & coaching – for executives, emerging leaders, team leaders
  • Coaching leaders to be coaches and mentors, in order to create & maintain high-performing teams
  • Innovation and execution
  • Employee/ Team Engagement
  • Assessment for internal or external candidates – objective & relevant; behavioral & skill-based
  • Selection & hiring support
  • Talent acquisition and deployment: strategy, processes and tools to improve hiring, succession, promotion, evaluation, turnaround, re-deployment, respectful, supportive and compliant exit

Leadership Coaching

Examples of Leadership Coaching Interventions include:

– Cognitive Behavioral Coaching
– Performance Coaching
– Behavioral Intervention and Turnaround Coaching
– Team assessment, conflict resolution, accountability, alignment

What is a coach? How do you measure behavioral improvements in terms of business value? Google “leadership coaching” and you get over six million hits! Few if any guarantee measurable results. Contact me or call to talk about measurable return-on-investment in performance and leadership coaching and development.