Representative Testimonials and Recommendations

Global Insurance Company

“I view Louie as a thought leader in human capital and talent acquisition. I found it incredibly rewarding to work with her on several projects that were unique and ahead of the industry. In addition to her inventive ways, she is a great business partner. I recommend her highly and would welcome additional projects and ventures.”      – Executive Client

“I had the pleasure of working with Marilou over a two-year period to deliver a number of strategic recruiting initiatives. Drawing from invaluable insight and successes in a variety of industries, she was a reality check for the project team. While never hesitating to challenge the status quo, she kept the projects grounded in principles of excellence for talent acquisition. She provided unswerving thought leadership and impeccable execution.”     – Project Team Executive/ Marketing Communications

“Louie has the ability to see creative solutions to challenges facing businesses. She is responsive and provides great advice and support. We had fun working with Louie and got great results.”       – Member of Project Team

 Global Healthcare System

“I have been through several group leadership development courses that had superficial success but no deep change. With the personal attention I received from Louie and her tenacity to make me own it, I believe I am on the road to being an authentic leader. She just kept it coming until she broke through the wall of denial. I would not be where I am without her.”        – Executive Coaching Client

Louie is extremely insightful and supportive. She provided excellent examples and useful tips. She is also a wonderful listener. I saw evidence that she stays current with resources and information pertinent to her expertise. And, she has a very good understanding of organizational structure and culture.”     – Executive Coaching Client – Nursing Executive

“Marilou is a results-oriented professional who has navigated challenging assignments within my organization. She excels at enhancing individual leader capabilities while focusing on the achievement of business goals. Her skill in assessing the culture and politics of the organization is exceptional.”    – Human Resources Leader

Scientific Technology Company

“A true innovative collaborator….Marilou brought the best out of me as we worked together to develop an end-to-end talent management system for the start-up company I was leading. She brought structure and deep content knowledge to the task of translating my management philosophy into a recruiting process, talent management and rewards and recognition system which created a high performance work team that produced results. I have used the bones of our system to manage 3 great teams. This work resulted in a book chapter in the Product Development and Management Toolbook, and is one of the secrets of my career success.

She is an encouraging and creative partner and coach. I recommend her without reservation.” – Chief Technology Officer

Fitness Enterprise

“Words cannot describe what I have personally and professionally achieved by my coaching sessions with Marilou. The coaching plan was very targeted and specific. The goals were clear and my progress easily tracked. I attained measurable results in many areas that I strongly believe I would not have achieved without this coaching. Marilou demonstrates personal integrity, sincere concern and ongoing support for new behaviors. She is someone I trust 110%. She is authentic and truly cares. She has the great ability to get to the root cause of a situation/emotion/reaction and provide the tools to work through it. Our coaching sessions were right on target and will be missed greatly. Having a person of Marilou’s caliber, expertise and wisdom work with you is a gift.”                           – Executive Director


Feedback from participants in ”Transforming Meetings Workshop – for Leaders and Teams’:

“Great value in minimizing redundancy. Priorities help to minimize time spent rehashing former decisions and non-critical issues.”
“The workshop was very valuable. We cut out a great deal of wasted and repetitious info and it has become a good working meeting”
“It was good to have a facilitator who was unbiased and looked at the whole picture. This took the emotion out of it and kept us on point.”
“The workshop opened up a discussion and allowed everyone to freely express opinions and suggestions without hurt feelings.”
“The workshop provided an opportunity for the team to openly discuss, plan, strategize, and roll out actions pertinent to our success.“
“The workshop was time well-spent early in the year to establish better guidelines for meetings. We eliminated wasted time – and time is valuable!”

Financial Services Corporation

“The talent acquisition model was very successful. It was crucial to resolve the turnover issue. The program is successful and we have successfully shifted ownership to the local groups where it belongs. People are looking at talent acquisition more broadly and strategically then they have in the past.”       – Sr. Vice President, Top 10 Financial Services

Educational Institution

“Prior to your coaching, there was 90% turnover. Based on your work, a ‘system of thinking’ was developed that encouraged a more supportive and educational approach to management of staff – as opposed to the former punitive approach which had been offensive and a detriment to retention.”     – Human Resources Leader

Community Hospital

“Louie was a tremendous asset to our organization. She was consistent, insightful and above all honest! She provided our organization with expert leadership in a process that was extremely sensitive and difficult. She is, at all times, professional, trustworthy and knowledgeable. She has changed my life for the positive in many ways.”     – Clinical Executive

Marketing Communications Company

“Louie Myrick is a uniquely qualified business professional who has an unforgettable “wow” factor. I remember the first time I saw her. She was speaking to a group of Entrepreneurs. As she spoke I had so many “aha” moments. I didn’t hesitate and Louie became not only my coach but my management team’s coach. Her concrete process for assessment of individuals and finding those critical areas we needed to focus on was eye-opening. After giving us her expert diagnosis, Louie provided impressive “tools for our toolbox”. These have proven to be invaluable in business as well as life. As a coach she is a remarkable well-spring of energy, creativity and knowledge. I highly recommend her.”     – President and Founder

Non-Profit Behavioral Health Organization

“Meeting with you was instrumental in my process of first discovering who I was as a leader and then identifying where I want to go. I actually began hearing your words as I was going through day to day operations. (That has stayed with me). A tremendous amount of self-inventory was done and then the leader in me was truly born. Now I have identified my management team; I am energized by the tasks before us with some very aggressive goals…..a great example of the trust I have in you … and that is key to why I feel your coaching has been so successful”.      – Executive Leader