You can recapture your power!


No one can ‘unempower’ you without your consent. Your power and energy come from within.

Empowered . . . . . unempowered.

Motivated . . . . . unmotivated.

Engaged . . . . . disengaged.

Many leaders use these words as active verbs that can be DONE TO or GIVEN TO other people.

Engage! Motivate! Empower!


“My boss doesn’t motivate me.” “Our culture is not empowering.”

If you believe that it’s up to others to engage, motivate and empower you, then you have effectively handed over the ‘wheel’ that steers your life and your career.

Starting today, focus on one small, concrete ACTION that you can take to reclaim your power, to reclaim the quality of your work and your sense of accomplishment. This does not require you to confront anyone else, nor to ignore your responsibilities. Reclaiming your power is far more about ‘HOW’ than ‘WHAT’.

Lift your head. Square your shoulders. Decide who you want to be – and become that person in your behaviors and beliefs starting today. It’s your life. Reclaim your power and energy. Reclaim the creative sparkle in your eyes. Reclaim the right and ability to do your best work; to be your best self. It is the greatest gift you can give yourself – and it’s right at your fingertips – in the most expansive, creative and freeing space in the world – your own mind.

Go ahead…take a chance. Take the wheel!


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